About the Development

The pilot plant will initially produce 200kg per day equating to 73 tonne per annum. The facility housing the pilot plant can be expanded to 1000kg per day or 365 tonnes per annum. The long term plan is to build more facilities over time to increase production. All production output will be assured to be of uniform sizing and naturally clean and organic in quality. The project represents the expansion of an existing activity in that it involves a multiplication of modular manufacturing systems, similar to those used in the pilot facilities.

Upon completion of Stage 1a, the project will directly employ approximately 30 people and introduce a new concept in aquaculture using a controlled environment to sustain output with quality control, together with levels of risk management that far exceed traditional aqua-farming with the smallest environmental disturbance.

The project phases include:

  • The development of approximately 45 hectares on a 150 hectare site west of Kingscliff, on the eastern side of and adjacent to the new Pacific Highway.
  • Hire and train employee base and investigate supply capabilities in the local area
  • Educate and develop domestic and global markets for the output product
  • Commence production in early 2015 for product supply to domestic and international markets
  • Build further on the already substantial research and development work that has been conducted by the company to further enhance the opportunities for the venture
  • Management that departs from traditional aqua-farming concepts.

Upon request and subject to confidentiality, ABLP will make all documents required under this consent available for public inspection.

If you have any comments or concerns regarding the development, please refer to the Contact Us page for details on our lines of communication that we be maintaining during the course of the development.